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Sonic The Hedgehog: Perfect Chaos


Welcome to the third instalment of my "New Sonic Adventures" series of Sprite Comics! If you are a new reader then I advise you to head over to the "Links" section and go to my two previous Tripod Sites which Host the first two instalments "Battle For The Chaos Emeralds" and "The Time Stone Saga", also you can check out my "Sonic Specials" at the appropriate Link.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind readers that the Comic is displayed in Sections, each Section displays Four Full Size Pages of the Comic.  This may take time to load so please be patient.  To read the Comic in the correct order you must go from the Left Page across to the Right at the Top and Bottom of each section.  In this way you can get the best experiance.  Each page of my comic doubles as a link to the Author's Commentary, simply click any page or use the Navigation Bar to jump to and from the Commentary.  Please take the time to Sign My Guestbook and Link My Site, thank you.

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I found out my chao type at DG Comix


Whenever there is an Update to this Site, it will be displayed here.


07 November 2006: The Time Stone Saga has undergone a Remastered special edition makeover! The Link is in the Links section, go re-discover the Saga like never before!


30 August 2005: Added the Author's Commentary to the website


22 May 2005: "Tales Of Shadow 4: Residual Chaos" has been completed on the "Sonic Specials" web link.


18 August 2004: "Sonic Liberty" has been completed and added to the Links section


29 June 2004: "Sonic Battle: Metal Ragnorak", the latest instalment in my New Sonic Adventures mythology, is complete and now available in the Links section


22 March 2004: "I, Metal" is complete and can be viewed from the "Sonic Specials" Link on this Site


24 February 2004: "Sonic Heroes" is complete and is now available in the Links section!


18 January 2004: "Chaotix: Roots" is complete and can be viewed from the "Sonic Specials" Link on this Site


24 November 2003- "The Time Stone Saga" has been voted Fan Fiction of the Year in the Sonic Stadium Sonic Site Awards 2003, with "Battle For The Chaos Emeralds" coming Third in the award for Fan Comic of the Year! That rules so many thanks to those who voted and I hope to do as well if not better for next years Awards!


17 November 2003- "Tales Of Shadow #2: Marooned" is complete and can be viewed from the "Sonic Specials" Link on this Site


21 September 2003- Check out "The Chaos Ring Saga" and "Sonic Specials" Links for New Updates


03 June 2003- Added the Link and Preview Page for my next Comic- "The Chaos Ring Saga" is now in Development


02 June 2003- Finished my "Spawn" Comic, it can be found in the Links section of this Site


21 May 2003- "Tales Of Shadow #1: Chaos Control" is Finished, you can view it now from the appropriate Link on this Site


20 May 2003- A new division of "New Sonic Adventures" has been created, this means different URL Links for future Comics


24 April 2003: Added a new Link to AkitoComics.com and a new Mini Banner for my Site in the Links section.


24 April 2003: Added "My Chao Type" from DG Comix.  New comics/ideas are being developed, more information will be available soon.


07 April 2003: Uploaded every Page of the Comic, so you can view it from start to finish! Enjoy :)


05 April 2003: Finished drawing the Comic and all Pages are ready for Uploading!!


01 April 2003: Added a brand-spanking new "Welcome" banner!


31 March 2003: Added enough Pages to Host the Comic which is nearing completion


23 February 2003: Comic begins development


18th January 2003: Created the Web Site

Sonic and Shadow meet Head-To-Head in a battle for supremacy!

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NOTE: By the way, all New Sonic Adventures Stories, Events, Characters, Places and Themes, whilst taking their cue from SEGA's pre-ordained Storylines and Events and also from Sprites/Backgrounds designed by other parties, are all MY property so if you want to use them PLEASE ask me FIRST and Credit me also.  I would like to thank and credit the following people who helped make my comics possibke: Virus, Aaron The Wolf, Daniel Sidney, Ren "Foxx" Ramos, NelsonJ, Deekman, Mecha Espio, Fast Ashadonic, LouisTheBest_007, DP, Mo-Pete, Nils, SuperSonicHeroes, Dragon Goddess, Rogultgot, Ryu, DirtyDan, Zero Virus, Frohan, SASCH, Sotsu, EclipseCannon, Nick Wolfwood, Psyguy, Shazra, Iceflame, Rkanjar, Sauvageon, Kekun, Dioxaz, Supikouchi, Rlan, Supa Chao, Scott Prower, Brass, Bonzai, Pixel Zone, Rio The Speed Demon, Oshio, Super Chaos, Metallix (Sonic Classic), Mechachu, ZinDinTimeYum, Kidgohan, Arsenic, Kenji The Echidna, RoJ, Entrail, Spike The Dog, Wayne The Hedgehog, Greg McNeil, MechaSonic2, SpriteHQ, Zach "Zin" Furr, Akamay, Samuri, The Tru Blue, Meganu Bunny, Bacon, Grim, SaturnEchidna, Speedla, Nash The Mutt, Dax, Marblepeak.com, Thunder, Bendilian, Jen, Oppolo, Ice Dragon, Godzilla, Flare, Shadow333, Halo The Hedgehog, Decleinad, Rewd, TSGK, Shade, Leviathon-ran, Kuritshu (SonicNeo), Zekemajesticagent83, Solar6, Rad The Hedgehog, AkumaTH, Dave (Hypero) Edwards, Flacko The Funku Drawing Weasel, Mewten, Riokenn, Bakudon Storm, Tony, Asylum, Kamaki, Vilain_pabo, Blast The Lynx, Gimlao, Xashadowin, Bruss, Tanuke and any others not mentioned. Thank You.